The dernier cri of Vogue Runway Reviews

Balenciaga Spring 2023 Ready-to-wear

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That people only now understanding Balenciaga not some clairvoyant, oracle. That its here the emperor declothed? last Resort 2023 gimps parade the NYSE trading floor. the message? “Money is Fetish.” The team gather around Denma chewing in suasible awe. The metaphor so dumb blunt it makes Tim Gunn and Colin McDowell sound like savants. Remember Rachel Tashjian’s Resort 2023 defense as something like “WOAH denma embraces money and power—no other artist dares do that!”  

The brand’s hot takes pile the cognitive window display. shopping for cultural commentary to make meaning easy. And the clothes themselves now boring, cheap. Do even drip influencers still wear these? the profitable trading strategy in disposable irony itself disposable.