The dernier cri of Vogue Runway Reviews

Courrèges Spring 2023 Ready-to-wear

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Nicolas Di Felice, Yolanda Zobe, Sébastien Meyer, Arnaud Vaillant. We cant help resuscitate dead corpses. resuscitate old houses like a desiccated money tree shaken to death. 

Remember the aesthetico-political revolution of Spaceage (Gernrich, Cardin)? An attempt to bring us closer to fashion’s “pure form.” Of geometric planes & techno assimilation. This streamlined ready-to-wear minimalism a new theory of mass-production: That the all-purpose unisex uniform might be fashion’s social democratic utopia. The destruction of couture. This why Cristóbal despised his former apprentice André Courrèges…but it's Telfar (maybe Yeezy?) not Courrèges who explores this condition today, using the aesthetic regime of mass-production as departure point... Instead Di Felice does Coachella clubgear for the parvenue.