The dernier cri of Vogue Runway Reviews

Maryam Nassir Zadeh Spring 2023 Ready-to-wear

Of Natural beeswax, linseed oil. “Long Hair.” A pinterest of azure seas, Marrakesh rug, a Greek bucolic chair. 

It gets worse: ““I love to feel that my aesthetic has a purity to it,”“There’s a freshness. I love things that are really clean and I love things that are natural. I love textiles, I love towels, and I love cottons. And then I feel, in my [Knight Landsman] home, it’s all about the light. And I love the beach.” 

An assortment of anodyne references pollute our collective pinterest. Fashion’s Raw Beauty as a wellness Goop experiment. Mindfulness not to ground or heal, but to dull the senses from offense, exhilaration. A white cotton Target drawstring pant (look 16), a moss Lululemon jersey top (look 17). Sheer sarongs and collected hotel towels like a perfunctory flatlay found in your local inflight mag. Of yuppie languor. The beige colorway of ecru, slate grey, powder blue. And the crumbs of an occasional Cianciolo motif (repurposed doley or etiolated fabric) only serve an affidavit to MNZ’s prosaic refurb. 

Trust Rachel Tashjian’s feature as a cruel trojan horse critique of persona: 

“Even the most cynical scroller can’t help but be intrigued, puzzled, dazzled, or all of the above by the images she shares. “What’s the deal with her Instagram!” a number of fashion observers asked me […]. “It’s kind of freaky,” she admits, “because I’m not filtering so hardcore.””Influencer culture, plus the pure banality of extreme wealth, mean that people on Instagram are usually just racing to post the same clothes, vacation images, or even people. Rarely does one feel an authentic sense of discovery or surprise on the platform anymore,”

???The putative posts of ‘freak and surprise’:

& lest we forget why the Fall 2020 no show?: “A dear friend was getting married in Africa, and she couldn’t fathom not being there. “For certain people in your life, these are the moments you can’t miss,” Zadeh said.”

How many times we to suffer MNZ’s sermons in “authenticity?” Interests: travel, family, Ottessa Moshfegh... A bromidic Mediterranean travelogue of breathless basics dressed up as Downtowner etiquette.